Our home is located in the heart of Europe. Goch is a city on the Lower Rhine, which is an economically strong region in North Rhine-Westphalia that is the most populous state in Germany. You can find us right next to the Ruhr area and Benelux, two of the most populous regions in Europe.


Goch provides direct freeway accesses and train connections. You can reach cities like Düsseldorf, Essen, Dortmund, Amsterdam, Rotterdam in about an hour. In the direct vicinity there are ten German and Dutch airports. GOFA has got good access to the international seaways by the several nearby inland and sea ports.


The total size of our plant is about 100,000 square meters with growth options due to neighbouring land that is owned by GOFA. Three building complexes provide space for altogether 10 production halls that cover a total of about 25,000 m² floor space.