Our aim is to meet all our customer's quality expectations in our products and services. The quality and the continuous improvement are goal and responsibility of our company and each individual employee.

Our quality level is based on international standards, customer requirements and our experience. This level only can be reached while the compliance with these standards, requirements and the own experience is lived, wanted and understood by every employee.


"Quality" means to avoid the occurence of defects by acting correctly from the very start. The continuous improvement of the quality reduces costs and increases productivity. The preventive avoidance of defects and failures is more important as their remedy afterwards. We admit our mistakes openly, learn from them and remove their cause rapidly and consistently.


For reasons of quality assurance we operate separate production halls for the manufacturing of tanks made of stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminium. The supply with parts is provided by the in-house metal prefabrication resp. the central warehouse. 

In order to guarantee the complete material, process and quality control we emphasize a high level of vertical integration, contradicting deliberately common outsourcing theories.

Before delivery, tests and a final approval will be performed for our vehicles. We operate a repair and service department for the time after sale, where all occurring works can be carried out on schedule and meeting expectations.


Our suppliers substantially contribute to the quality of our products. Therefore we require the same quality standards from our suppliers as we do from ourselves.