Overview of GOFA's product range

The GOFA product range includes a huge number of transport solutions for the transport of dangerous goods of

  • gases (in particular cryogenic gases LIN/LOX/LAR, flammable cryogenic gases LNG/ethylene, CO2 (LIC), flammable gases propane/butane/liquefied petroleum gas, butadiene, EOX, compressed hydrogen gas
  • liquids (chemicals, foodstuff)
  • bulk goods (food- or feedstuff, granules, cement, etc.)

Available product basic versions:

  • semi trailers with one to four axles
  • trailers with two to five axles
  • fixed body
  • swap system
  • 10', 20', 30', 40' or 45' containers and swap bodies in ISO or inland design

According to product or customer requirements our products are available as stainless steel, duplex, aluminium or carbon steel version. We have a high variety of different designs and are able to implement individual customer wishes quickly and satisfying:

  • tank volumes from a few thousand to several tens of thousands litres
  • designs with a gross weight up to 80 tons
  • different pressure stages of 2 bars up to over 30 bars
  • wide range of electric and hydraulic pumps, compressors and measurement systems
  • rear, side and middle cabinet
  • chassis made of stainless steel, aluminium and carbon steel

We regularly produce vehicles for all countries in Europe as well as for many countries in Africa, Middle and Near East and South America. Due to our flexible manufacturing structures we are able to adapt our vehicle designs to meet every national regulation. We are producing according to the following approvals resp. codes:

  • ADR (Europe and other countries)
  • ASME (North America and other countries)
  • EAC TR TS (Eurasian Customs Union)